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What We Do

Whether you're an  IT, sales  or financial industry professional looking for opportunities to further your career or an industry employer looking to build an award winning team, you've come to the right place.

We are an executive recruiting firm dedicated to the IT, sales and finance industries. We specialize in staffing for IT positions, Due Diligence Firms, Servicing Companies, Mortgage Companies, Banks, and Credit Unions on a National level. We are the Recruiters of choice, as many of our placement specialists have worked in the industry, and therefore have firsthand knowledge of what is required for a successful hire.  Our IT specialist is familiar with the various types of positions and programming languages used by various companies. We are able to locate candidates with the specific skills needed to fill your IT needs.
Through mortgage sales recruiting, we are able to tangibly assist the career development of the candidates we represent while also impacting the sustainability and profitability of the clients and strategic partners we represent.

Job Seekers
Good employees are hard to find; so are good jobs! If you are a talented professional with experience in the IT or mortgage industry contact Vaughn Wolf today to see what kind of options are available to you. We will customize a search, based on your needs, to find the right job at the right company.
Hiring Companies
Finding employees who are the right fit for your company is a difficult and time consuming task. If you are a bank IT firm or private lending institution in the United States, Vaughn Wolf has the network and expertise to make the process more efficient and effective. Contact us today to learn what we can do for your company.

You will decide on which candidate(s) you would like to make the offer to and when you would like them to start. Either Vaughn Wolf or you will coordinate this (however you prefer).
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